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Agile learning through the power of technology.

Wherever you work, however you learn, ensure your training supports your journey.

Agile Working
for the 21st Century

Learning in the 21st century should be adaptable and free from restrictions. Rapid technological advancements, coupled with changing client demands are driving the need to adapt the way we work, and more importantly, the way we learn.

​Work does not always take place in an office, and learning does not always take place in a classroom. With Integrum's customised and holistic training approach, you can empower your whole team to learn as and when they need by nurturing an agile working environment.

Microlearning for a
New Workplace

It is predicted that by 2025 millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. As the first generation to be born into a digital era, the majority of this tech-savvy cohort will have certain technological expectations from their places of work. Life now consists of bite-sized pieces of on-demand information such as Google for a quick answer, social media for a rapid life update, checking emails regularly throughout the day, or online shopping during a hasty 10 minute coffee break. Knowledge transfer is on tap at the touch of a button. The way we learn should be no different.

Bridging a Digital
Generation Gap

According to research 40% of employers admit to relying on the digital skills of their younger employees instead of training mid to senior employees. Microlearning offers nuggets of essential learning on-demand any time anywhere. A five minute elearning video on a specific topic is much more effective than a one hour training session on a broader subject. Learners often leave lengthy training sessions frustrated and unfulfilled. Learning should be readily available and easily ingested. These short bursts of learning opportunities are more effective for long-term comprehension.