The Integrum Philosophy

Learn wherever you want, whenever you need

Integrum has 18 years of legal IT training experience within a wide range of law firms around the country. With a background in business information systems and educational technology, Integrum possess a hybrid of tools to assess the needs of a client from various angles in order to deliver the best training solution.

A Proactive Training Strategy

Explore the power and reach technology has to offer to ensure your firm is performing to the best of its ability. Employee knowledge is a formidable driving force behind every successful firm; knowledge that is nurtured through learning and training opportunities that are available on-demand and tailored to your team.

Skills Gap Analysis

Without a dedicated training department, developing existing skills, and training new joiners or trainees in small and medium sized firms is a responsibility typically delegated to the most IT literate member of staff, often taking them away from their work and main responsibilities. Lack of a consistent training provision and access to training resources can lead to a skills gap between existing skills and required skill levels amongst staff, affecting the efficiency of their work.


Integrum's main objective is to assist small to medium sized law firms with addressing a potential skills gap, and with fostering an agile working and learning environment to help empower its employees to work and learn as and when they need, with access to a hub of training resources on-demand. A library of short video tutorials on a range of commonly used and in-house bespoke systems that are available 24/7 will allow employees to access the information they need, when they need it most.

Fostering Agility

Agile working is not just about flexible hours or working from home, but about understanding how, where and when your team works best. It is possible to achieve a goal in more than one way, and to foster a truly agile working environment, embracing and accommodating all possible routes to the successful completion of that goal is key. By handing the power of learning back to your employees, you will facilitate a more productive and efficient transfer of knowledge that is being utilised at the moment it is required.