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Integrum does not work to a predefined consultancy framework or training standard. Whilst the overall goal of law firms may be analogous, the journey to that goal can be vastly diverse. Integrum's aim is to support each individual journey A Learning Management System designed for your needs

What can Integrum
offer you?

The Integrum LMS which is a hub of microlearning video tutorials grouped by application and topic Short videos that cover a range of software from Microsoft Office applications, to customised videos for legal specific in-house and bespoke software such as time recording, digital dictation, telephony, document management etc. Searchable topics to enable users to efficiently find the course they are looking for Printable QRGs (Quick Reference Guides) and materials to further support users eLearning induction for new joiners to ensure all new employees have the correct skills to be effective in their positions straight away. Bimonthly analytics reports to track usage and better understand how your firm learns and what works best for your users.